Jennifer Lopez and her Fiancé Reportedly Split!

Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez have reportedly split following a four-year romance.

The singer, 51, and former Yankees baseball player, 45, are said to have ended their two-year engagement after having ‘issues’ in their relationship for a while, reports PageSix.

Jennifer and Rodriguez are said to have called time on their romance on Friday morning, claims TMZ, while People reported that the split had been a ‘long time coming’. has not yet heard back from their reps for comment.

‘He’s now in Miami getting ready for baseball season, and she’s filming her movie in the Dominican Republic,’ a source told PageSix.

Rodriguez was seen alone in Miami on a yacht on Friday. ‘Don’t mind me, just taking a sail-fie… What are your plans for the weekend?’ he wrote in a caption to his Instagram post.

The site added their source heard earlier this week that they were ‘on the rocks and headed for Splitsville.’

Additionally, another insider close to the pair told People on Friday: ‘They have been on the rocks for almost three months now. They’ve been trying to keep it together for the kids but everyone knew it wasn’t going to work. They were going to buy a mega-mansion together and then that didn’t happen, once they backed out of the deal all their friends down here [in Miami] knew.’

Later the site added that they broke up over his friendship with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. ‘The Madison LeCroy scandal was the reason they finally broke up. There were already problems, but Jennifer was really embarrassed by it.’

In February there seemed to be some issues with J-Rod when LeCroy claimed she spoke with Rodriguez over the phone.

Fans have been speculating over the identity of the married, ex-MLB player LeCroy had been accused of being in contact with, and suspicions arose the person could have been Rodriguez, despite him not being married and only engaged at the time to Jennifer.

However, in an interview with Page Six, LeCroy revealed she had been in communication with Rodriguez, but said their exchanges were ‘innocent.’

LeCroy told the website that she and Rodriguez ‘never met up’, but had ‘spoken on the phone.’

‘That’s the truth,’ she said, clarifying they had ‘never been physical… never had any kind of anything. Just an acquaintance.’

LeCroy insisted Rodriguez had ‘never physically cheated’ on Jennifer with her.

She described the phone calls as inconsistent, and said they had only spoken to each other ‘randomly.’

While she would not reveal what was discussed, she described it as ‘innocent.’

The allegations occurred during a recent Southern Charm reunion, and the name of the individual LeCroy was allegedly in contact with had been bleeped out.

LeCroy says the name concealed was Rodriguez’s, but she was the one who requested his name withheld.

‘I have tried to be as quiet as possible. I don’t want anything bad for his family, or for mine. We are definitely innocent in this,’ she said.

She also would not reveal when the alleged phone calls occurred.

Rumors spread within her inner circle because she ‘told the wrong person’ about who she had been in contact with.

‘All this stuff was a year ago [but] it’s being aired now,’ she said.

A source with knowledge of the situation previously told ‘Alex has never met or spoken to Madison or anyone from the show.’

The explosive allegations all came to light on a recent Southern Charm episode, where LeCroy was accused of sleeping with an unidentified, married ex-MLB player. LeCroy denied ever seeing the man in person, though did admit to DM-ing him.

LeCroy was accused of getting intimate with a married former athlete. However, Rodriguez is not married, and has been engaged since 2019.

The identity of the individual was concealed, but Southern Charm star Danni Baird subsequently alleged on the Reality Life with Kate Casey that the person was Rodriguez. has contacted respective representatives for both Rodriguez and LeCroy, who did not respond to comment.

‘She had even told me that they were FaceTiming or something,’ Baird said on the show.

Meanwhile, a source for the New York Post also insisted Rodriguez did not know or hook up with LeCroy.

‘He doesn’t know this woman,’ the insider said. ‘Look, does this mean he didn’t DM her and liked a photo or two? I guess not, but he doesn’t know her — and he definitely didn’t hook up with her.’

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed Rodriguez had allegedly ‘liked’ several of LeCroy’s photos – only to unlike them.

One of the photos was a snap taken of LeCroy at the beach in July, and another was of her with her friends on New Year’s Eve.

The former MLB allegations came to light during the recent Southern Charm reunion, where Craig Conover claimed LeCroy had flown to Miami to be with a married man.

You were flying around the country sleeping with married men, an ex MLB player!’ Conover insisted.

‘You flew to Miami to (expletive) an ex MLB player!’ he shouted. LeCroy was adamant she had never seen the athlete in person. ‘Put me on a lie detector test. I never flew to Miami. Tell me when I went to Miami. Where’s the record of that?’ she shot back. ‘That’s fake.’

Jennifer’s last post was several old clips where she asked people to smile. Before that she was in bed with her legs open and a short robe on.

They became engaged in March 2019 on the beach in the Bahamas when he surprised her with a large diamond ring. The duo began dating in 2017 after meeting a decade prior when she was wed to Marc Anthony.

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