Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Don’t Have Marriage Plans

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s fans have been busy recently with the latest development in the duo’s relationship.

Ben and Jennifer got back together again after 17 years of separation in 2004, which prompted E! Online to discuss the development of their relationship,

the discussion stated that the couple decided to not develop the relationship into marriage and will be satisfied with what they are in this way.

The news comes after Lopez deletes all the photos that linked her with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and unfollowed him on Instagram, in conjunction with her relationship with Ben Affleck taking a new path after they moved to a new house that brings them together in Beverly Hills.

According to Daily Mal, the couple’s new house is worth $85 million and consists of 12 master bedrooms and 24 bathrooms in addition to having it’s own boxing ring.

The duo were spotted checking out their new 38,000-square-foot home, which contains a bouncer’s bungalow, a sports complex and a basketball court.

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