Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are the ‘Loves of Each Other’s Lives’

It’s been reported that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are the ‘loves of each other’s lives’ and feel lucky to have been given a ‘second chance’.

And in new photos revealed on Thursday, it’s clear that the reunited couple are completely enamored of one another.

JLo’s friend Leah Remini posted photos to social media from her 51st birthday party on June 15 and Jen and Ben are seen cuddled up together in a sweet snap.

In the black and white photo, Jen presses her body against Ben’s with one hand on the actor and director’s chest.

She stares at the camera with a fierce glare as if to say ‘hands off, he’s mine’.

Ben poses with one arm wrapped around his girlfriend pulling her close and with his other arm draped casually around actress Leah.

The King Of Queens star and high-profile former Scientologist wrote in her Instagram post: ‘Wanted to share a little video from my birthday with you all because I got so much love from you on my birthday but also everyday.

‘I consider myself to have the best support system here on social media. Also, I can’t thank my family & friends enough for coming, for celebrating with me in a way that was very special to me.’

Earlier this week, a source revealed to E! News that the celebrity couple is ‘fully committed to each other,’ although they’ve both agreed they aren’t in a rush to get married again.

‘They have been meshing their lives and families and don’t feel the need to get engaged yet or even tie the knot. They have both been there and don’t feel it’s necessary,’ a second insider explained to the outlet.

‘They want to do everything they can to make this work,’ added the source. ‘They are madly in love.’

And it was stressed that Ben, who has been through rehab, thinks Jennifer – who does not drink alcohol, works out regularly and eats healthy – is a good influence on him.

‘She’s wonderful for him,’ said the source.

As far as her twins Max and Emme, 13 – whose dad is Latin crooner Marc Anthony – they are getting to know the former Batman star.

‘They are slowly getting to know him,’ said the source, adding ‘everything seems to be running smoothly.’

Lopez will be living full time in Los Angeles now to be near Ben. She was calling Miami home when she was engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

‘Emme and Max are on board with starting fresh in L.A.,’ said the source.

But the kids will fly back to Miami now and then to see Anthony.

Jennifer owns a home in Bel-Air, but she has been seen house hunting for a place closer to Ben’s mansion in the Brentwood area.

Ben has to stay in the Brentwood area to be close to the three kids he has with Jennifer Garner: Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, nine.

Next up for the duo: her 52nd birthday which falls on Saturday. They will celebrate it together.

The Bronx-born beauty told Hoda on the Today show this week that she will keep the celebration ‘low key.’

‘They keep coming, these birthdays,’ she joked. ‘[I’ll be celebrating] with friends, having fun, you know, raise a glass, give a toast.’

Also on the Today show she was asked by Hoda Kotb if she is ‘happier’ these days now that she is back with Ben.

JLo dodged the question and said she is always happy when she sees Hoda.

Then Jennifer said Hoda has her phone number and can always call her and ask.

On Tuesday is was claimed the pair are not rushing into engagement or marriage.

They had set to wed back in 2003 but postponed their wedding due to ‘excessive media attention’ before calling off their engagement the following year.

They have grown close again in recent months and are said to be on the same page regarding their future.

A source told E! News: ‘[They] are fully committed to each other… They have been meshing their lives and families and don’t feel the need to get engaged yet or even tie the knot.

‘They have both been there and don’t feel it’s necessary. They are both very secure within their relationship and Ben worships her.

‘It’s truly meant to be and everyone around them thinks they are a perfect match.’

Ben was previously married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018, and J-Lo has been married to Ojani Noa, Chris Judd and Anthony over the years.

Meanwhile, an insider recently revealed the couple are now in an ‘amazing place’.

The insider said: ‘When Ben reached out to J-Lo, she was really excited at the possibility of them rekindling their relationship. J-Lo has always had a love for Ben.

‘Back in the day, Ben broke up with J-Lo because he was overwhelmed by the constant media attention and fame that the relationship brought, but now they are in an amazing place and have really learned what works for them as a couple.’

Jennifer and Ben’s relationship is ‘not a big deal to either sets of kids.’

And while they’re not quite moving in together yet, friends of the couple are expecting them to do so too.

A source revealed: ‘Their friends wouldn’t be surprised if they move in together and ultimately end up together. They’re spending all of their free time together and making each other a priority.’

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