Jennifer Aniston Barely Socializing Since Pandemic

Jennifer Aniston is “prone to agoraphobia”.

The 52-year-old actress has experienced a fear of certain situations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and has barely socialized during the ongoing health crisis.

She shared: “I’m prone to agoraphobia, and so I used to be like, ‘Let’s go to dinner,’ and now I’m like, ‘No, let’s not. Come over, come over, come over.’ I think I’ve been to five restaurants [since the pandemic began], and the same ones because they required vaccinations.

“You know, someone literally called me a ‘liberal Vax-hole’ the other day. I don’t understand the disconnect right now, being bullied for wanting people not to be sick? I mean, that’s what we’re talking about.”

Jennifer has also enjoyed having more free time than normal amid the pandemic.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “I love to work, but I also love to not work. I’m really OK. And this may be pandemic-related, because I went through a period of working non-stop with maybe a month or two off here and there for almost 25 years.”

Despite this, Jennifer isn’t keen to slow down in the long term.

The actress remains keen to work – although she’ll be planning her schedule carefully from now onwards.

She said: “I’m about to speed up and not be free for two years. But I’ll schedule it so that I get breaks in between, and not just go back to back to back. You need that time to recharge and be with your friends and your family and your dogs.”

Jennifer also revealed that she can’t wait to get on a plane again after more than a year.

She shared: “I’m excited to get on a plane again – and terrified as well.

“I haven’t left California since January 2020. Courteney [Cox’s] in Malibu is as far as I’ve been. It’s Sony studios, Courteney’s, the Batemans’ – there are, like, five houses I’ve been to.”

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