James Arthur Broken Up with His Long-Term Girlfriend Jessica Grist

James Arthur has reportedly broken up with his long-term girlfriend Jessica Grist who he first started dating on the X-factor back in 2012. 

Sparks flew between the singer, 33, and the backing dancer, 31, on the competition show the year that James shot to fame and won the series.

The Sun on Friday that, after nine years of on-off dating, James and Jessica have ‘grown apart’ and feel the relationship has ‘run its course’.

The insider revealed: ‘James and Jessica have a lot of history, so they will always have a special place in each other’s hearts but the truth is they have just grown apart and decided it wasn’t working any more.

‘There was no big drama and they are still friends, but it is nevertheless a blow for both of them because they have been together for such a long time.

‘It just feels like the relationship has run its course now and James is focusing on his music, because he has a big year ahead of him, he recently signed a new record deal and has a new album and tour just around the corner, so he is throwing himself into his work.’

MailOnline has contacted a representative for James Arthur for comment.

This is not the first split for James and Jessica. The pair previously ended their relationship in 2015 before rekindling their romance two years later.

And James revealed to The Sun earlier this year that Jessica inspired much of his upcoming album.

He said: ‘She knows she’s the muse in a lot of these songs. She’s so supportive and she’s probably sick of hearing my music, to be fair, because all she’s heard all year is me blasting songs out.’

Its been a stressful year for James, who revealed in March that he was £300k in debt from betting on football matches.

The X Factor winner, who has previously battled anxiety, depression and drug addiction, revealed he didn’t realise he owed money until his accountant alerted him to his bank balance.

He said to The Mirror: ‘I was like £200… £300,000 in debt.

‘I didn’t even realise I’d got myself in debt. It was my ­accountant saying, ‘you’re kinda in the red here’.’

However James, who is reportedly worth £4 million, has experienced his fair share of good luck after being banned from a betting app for winning ‘crazy money’.

Last year, he confirmed to the publication that he struck gold on football accumulators as he added: ‘I predicted five results or something like that. Crazy money I won.

‘I didn’t have a gambling problem – a lot of football fans will bet on the football… whether they are into gambling or not.’

Nevertheless, he admitted it was a blessing in disguise to be blocked on betting platforms as it ‘forced’ him to stop gambling.

Before reflecting on his betting woes, James recalled the mistakes he made in his personal life including his relationship with Rita Ora.

He expressed regret over claiming in his 2017 autobiography, Back To The Boy, that a fling with Rita turned him into a sex addict.

The X Factor victor first made the shocking revelations about his relationship with the 30-year-old singer during a freestyle rap in 2013, and would later peg their brief romance to his trysts with countless other women.

But in a new interview with The Sun, the singer-songwriter has admitted that he regrets making such bold public statements, particularly because he didn’t consider the feelings of those involved at the time.

He said: ‘It was done at a time when there was just a lot of stuff going on. I’d just made my comeback and we tried to do too much at once. When I look back at that there’s certain things I wouldn’t have shared or have explained in the way that I did.

‘If I could stop the production of the book now I probably would because there’s stuff that has affected family relationships, not long term, but at the time it hurt people.

‘There’s things I shared about relationships where I should have considered the people involved a bit more, I think.’

Back in 2017, James discussed how his alleged affair with Rita impacted his life, as he revealed he ‘turned into a s**g’ following the torrid romance.

Speaking with The Sun, he opened up about his battle with addiction which led to his reels of romps with hundreds of women after he was left ‘heartbroken’ by the songstress.

After meeting Rita during his time on The X Factor, he confessed he could not believe she would be interested in him, yet insists she claimed to be in love.

When she ‘disappeared’, James’ compulsion with women began as he revealed: ‘If I’m honest, I became a bit of a s**g after Rita. I was chatting to hundreds of women, and I started to sleep with so many of them I lost count.

‘They were usually the same type – Babestation girls or glamour models. If I saw someone I fancied I’d contact her on social media and tell her blatantly I wanted to have sex.

‘It was ridiculously easy. There would be no emotional attachment and it would be just pure sex, and with one or two exceptions that was how it was.’

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