Jameela Jamil Defends Meghan Markle After She Encouraged People to Vote

Jameela Jamil Defends Meghan Markle After She Encouraged People to Vote

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s recent comments encouraging people to vote in the upcoming US elections generated backlash, but some celebrities are jumping to her defense. Among them is “The Good Place” star Jameela Jamil, who took to Twitter to show her support for Markle.

Last week, the Duchess of Sussex joined the virtual When All Women Vote #CouchParty, celebrating 100 years since the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote in the US. While Markle did not endorse any specific candidate or party, she repeatedly spoke of the “change” she hoped to see in the upcoming Nov. election.

“If we aren’t part of the solution, we are part of the problem,”  she noted, adding “if you’re complacent, you’re complicit.”

It’s worth noting that members of the British royal family historically do not vote in elections and remain politically neutral, so some criticized the 39-year-old for breaking the tradition.

British commentators Piers Morgan and The Sun’s Executive Editor Dan Wootton, who called the former actress “completely inappropriate” and demanded that the Sussexes can’t “remain as royals.”

Jamil was quick to respond. “I *THINK* they may be more embarrassed by their alleged resident pedo Andrew who was besties with a sex trafficker, than an American supporting women voting in her own country, and loosely referencing the importance of general democracy which is being threatened here currently, (sic)” tweeted the British-Pakistani-Indian actress in response to Wootton, whose tweets have since been deleted.

Jamil also responded to a fan’s question asking why people want to “hate” the Duchess.

“Because she’s not white,” the “Good Place” star said. “And because she’s smart, strong, opinionated, rebellious, beautiful, happy and has everything they never will. She’s a terrifying threat to patriarchy because she doesn’t fit the stereotype for women. They discredit her because they can’t kill her.”

American singer-songwriter Bette Midler also showed her support for Markle, replying to Morgan’s tweet calling for the Queen to strip the Sussexes off their titles with one simple message:  “Oh, f— off.”

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