It’s Time to Save Her from Bullying! Joelle Mardinian Shaves her Daughter’s Legs! (Video)

It's Time to Save Her from Bullying! Joelle Mardinian Shaves her Daughter's Legs! (Video)

They bully you, I shave your legs!

Lebanese beauty expert Joelle Mardinian shared a video on Instagram of her daughter Ella, while shaving her legs’ hair.

Joelle explained the reason saying that her daughter is being bullied at school for being “hairy,” so she prompted to wear long-sleeved sweaters and pants because she was ashamed of her body hair.

Mardinian said in the video: “My daughter has become 9 years old, and she began to understand and get annoyed about the topic from the beginning of this summer, while wearing clothes covering her entire body .. And I noticed this and asked her that if there was something bothering her .. She said some people say that her body looks disgusting .. People originally are disgusting by their mindset.”

She continued: “I have always remembered how bothered I was because of my body hair, and my mother always had me remove it until I was 12 years old, although I was hairier than my daughter, I was a gorilla! And I know that lots of mothers will criticize me, but I know what bothers my daughter, and I do what I see is right.”

Mardinian concluded her speech: “I love doing things for Ella that I wish my mom had done for me when I was her age … I always put myself in my children’s shoes before I take any decision .. Ella and I decided to make this video to help young girls who gets embarrassed of being hairy, hoping that their mothers are convinced to do the same after seeing this video .. Please, I do not want comments that are not nice .. Remember, it is not difficult to be kind-hearted.”

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