It’s Jail Time for Dunia Batma.. and Followers Comment ‘She Deserves It’

What goes around comes around.

Moroccan court has issued a decision to imprison Moroccan singer Dunia Batma for a year in force in the case known in the media as “Hamza Moon Bibi”.

Followers gloated over Dunia’s imprisonment and they were pleased that her sentence has been increased from eight months to one year.

The audience has recalled Hala Al-Turk’s case when she sued her mother Mona Al-Saber, claiming that Dunia Batma is behind this, since she’s Hala Al-Turk’s father, Mohahammed Al-Turk’s wife after he divorced Mona Al-Saber, and there’s already bad blood between her and Hala.

Batma didn’t stay silent, and she responded to the court ruling and people’s gloating by posting on Instagram stories: ‘God tests a servant only because he loves him.. Always say thank God for everything.’

Dunia Batma was accused of defamation and blackmailing celebrities by threatening to publish their private pictures and scandals about them on the now-deleted Instagram account Hamza Moon Bibi.

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