Italian Fashion Brand Launches Unisex Hijabs

Fashion firm United Colors of Benetton is selling a new range of unisex hijabs. The Italian brand is flogging the items in black, red, green and yellow for £29.95.

One woman said it had left her ‘crying of laughter and desperation’ after the headwear was spotted today.

United Colors of Benetton created the hijab in partnership with Italian rapper and record producer Ghali Amdouni as part of his Ghali collection.

It is described as: ‘Unisex hijab in stretch fabric. Small clashing print on the left side that combines the Benetton logo with Ghali’s G.’

It adds: ‘This accessory belongs to the ”United Colors of Ghali” capsule collection, created by Ghali.’

But the headwear was panned on social media, with one woman saying she was ‘crying of laughter and desperation’.

Another posted a serious face emoji, writing: ‘The Italian brand Benetton has teamed up with rapper Ghali Amdouni to launch a collection focused on multiculturalism called ”United Colors of Ghali” where they highlight a… unisex Hijab!’

Meanwhile journalist Ebbaba Hamida said: ‘Do you see the same as I do? I don’t give credit. More humiliation does not fit in this ad for a supposed unisex hijab.

‘A garment that does not oppress men, but has been imposed on millions of women and girls.’

And MEP for Podemos in Spain María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop added: ‘This is frivolity.’

The range was launched by United Colors of Benetton and Ghali in September at Milan Fashion Week under the partnership brand ‘United Colors of Ghali’.


The singer, 28, reportedly said: ‘The hijab is a unique garment that I wanted very much. There was no resistance from the company to include it in the collection.

‘When I was a child, I was bullied at school, there was no one to represent me, while now it is normality.

‘I am tired of hearing how everything Arab or Tunisian is associated to something negative.

‘When I was little, my mother was afraid that I would go out with my Arab companions, she preferred that I have Italian friends.

‘Now I think it is important to say that this diversity is an added value, it is what makes me unique.’

He has posed in a hijab from the website in numerous music videos and for his 1.6million Instagram followers.

The hijab is a veil that covers the head and chest and is traditionally warn by Muslim women in front of men from outside their family.

In 2016 a movement began called Men In Hijab in Iran, where males would wear the item to show solidarity with their wives and other female relatives.

Ghali was born in Milan to Tunisian parents and went on to be one of Italy’s biggest rap stars.

Songs such as Happy Days and Ninna Nanna have rocketed up the national charts and seen him sell over 1.6 million albums.

United Colors of Benetton has been approached for comment.

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