Italian Couple Marry After a Relationship Through Balconies

Italian Couple Marry After a Relationship Through Balconies

Love in the time of Coronavirus- The modern day Romeo and Juliet, who met from their balcony, have announced that they are getting married.

The pair have been dubbed Romeo and Juliet as they met during Italy’s strict lockdown on their balconies in Verona and started a type of long-distance relationship- similarly to Shakespear’s tragic heroes.

The pair have confirmed their happy ending and said they have already started planning their wedding.

Paola Agnelli, 40, a lawyer, first spotted Michele D’Alpaos,38 when they were both on their balconies at 6pm for the community balcony concert designed to keep spirits lifted.

Mr D’Alpaos said to The Times: ‘We are absolute-ly getting married and all we have to do is set the date.

‘We are considering a ceremony on the large roof terrace of my building, which would make sense since we met on our balconies.’

They met during a community balcony concert, when Paola’s violinist sister, Lisa Agnelli, was playing  Queen’s We Are The Champions and Paola was helping with the sound.

Mr D’Alpaos tracked down Paola’s Instagram account and the pair started messaging until 3am.

And as they couldn’t meet due to coronavirus restrictions, their relationship was based on talking on the phone.

The couple became viral after Mr D’Alpaos erected a huge banner on the top floor of the building with ‘Paola’ written on it, in a bid to express his emotions.

The pair were able to actually meet for a date in a local park in May.

The couple, who are both unmarried, have lived opposite each other for most of their lives but have never met properly apart from a chance meeting a year ago.

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