Israeli Social Media Accounts Provoke Users With Rocket Emojis

The tweets have been declaimed as insensitive, cruel and downright tone-deaf, but this is not the first time official Israeli social media accounts have provoked social media users.

The State of Israel’s official Twitter account managed by the @IsraelMFA’s Digital Diplomacy team.

Israel’s official Twitter account, managed by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shared 12 deeply provocative tweets that have the internet in an uproar. The tweet states, “Just to give you all some perspective, these are the total amount of rockets shot at Israeli civilians,” followed by rockets.

Social media users hit back with tweets that used baby emoji to represent how many children Israel has killed in the past weeks of violence.

Provocative tweets are nothing uncommon to official Israeli accounts. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently came under fire after releasing the following tweet.

One Twitter user lashed back after finding a highly similar quote found in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

With escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine, Israeli’s military has fired successive barrages of artillery and airstrikes on Gaza, as Hamas continues to fire homemade rockets into Israeli occupied territories.

Israeli air strikes killed at least six people across Gaza and destroyed the home of a large extended family early on Wednesday, raising the death toll to at least 219, including 63 children and 36 women.

The ongoing violence has seen mostly civilian casualties, making the “barrage of insensitive tweets” much more insensitive, provoking outrage among Twitter users.

The tweets also come after more than 1,400 Palestinians have been wounded in the ceaseless attacks.

“Make no mistake. Every rocket has an address. What would you do if that address was yours?” reads the concluding tweet.

Here are some of the most vocal reactions to the tweet.

One Twitter user responded by tweeting child emojis at the account writing, “I did one with the number of kids you’ve killed.”

Israel says Hamas has launched more than 3,000 rockets so far. Hamas claims to be able to maintain the fire for another six months.

Globally, public opinion is slowly shifting against Israel as more major news outlets and international organizations are becoming increasingly vocal in pointing to the excessive and indiscriminate force Israel uses against journalists, civilians and children.

Ninety per cent of Hamas missiles are intercepted by the Iron dome system. Many fall short of their targets.

So far ten people in Israel have been victims of Hamas rocket fire, including a 5-year-old boy and one soldier. Meanwhile, Gaza is witness to at least 40,000 displaced civilians after dozens of residential buildings have been flattened by the air strikes.

The clashes and violence began after Israeli settlers supported by police attempted to illegally evict Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem.

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