Israeli Police Brutally Beat Palestinians in Jerusalem’s Muslim Celebration

It became a vicious day in Jerusalem’s Holy Places when Israeli soldiers brutally attacked on camera, and in the courtyard of the Damascus Gate, Palestinians from all walks of life who come to celebrate the Muslim “Isra and Mi’raj” occasion when Prophet Mohammad ascended to the heavens.

Across the social media, and in video format Israeli soldiers were seen beating Palestinians, old and young, youths and men, women and young girls. Videos speak louder than words.

This is including beating young girls as old as 12 years taking part in the celebrations.

The soldiers got very angry when the Palestinian flag was raised and scuffles begun were many people were injured after harassment and dozens of arrests were made.

Palestinians could be seen running from the violence meted out by the Israeli police not to say anything of the people taken to hospital.

The Red Crescent Society in Jerusalem said its crews dealt with 36 injuries, six of whom were transferred to the hospital, noting among the injured was a 6-month-old infant  who was hit by a stun grenade in the face, and a girl with special needs who was also hit by a stun grenade in the face.

Many people from all over occupied Palestine – including those from Arab East Jerusalem and its suburbs,  West Bank and the so-called 1948 territories – came to participate in the celebrations that quickly turned violent and spurned by Israeli soldiers.

An Israeli wastewater vehicle materialized from nowhere to spray people and tension increased in the square with the approach of a Palestinian scouts march, which started from Al-Zahraa Street and headed to the Damascus Gate which is known in Arabic as Bab Al-Amoud.

It was a supposed to be a religious day for Muslims that was ruined by Israeli police and soldiers.

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