Israel launches new raids on several neighborhoods in Gaza

Multiple people have been killed as Israel launched new air raids on several neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip on Thursday morning, Al Arabiya reported.

The death toll in Gaza from Israeli airstrikes crossed 227, including 64 children, according to Palestinian officials. At least 12 people died in Israel from rockets fired by Hamas.

At least five family homes were destroyed in Gaza on Thursday, according to Palestinian media reports.

The latest raids come as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to push back against global pressure to implement a ceasefire.

Netanyahu said that Israel’s attacks on Gaza will continue and are aimed at deterring the militant group Hamas from future confrontation.

Hamas has launched several rockets towards Israel, 90 percent of which the Israeli army says its Iron Dome has intercepted.

Several Hamas officials told CNN on Wednesday that a ceasefire with Israel is “imminent, possibly within 24 hours.”

However, despite the mounting pressure, Israel seemed determined to continue its air raids on Gaza.

Israel’s intelligence minister Eli Cohen said on Wednesday that despite international pressure, the country would “finish the operation when we decide we have attained our goals.”

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