ISIS and Al-Nusra are implementing the plans of America and Turkey in Syria

The mail leaks and the competitive statements among US officials exposed the care that Washington gives to terrorist organizations, supporting them with money, weapons and plans to eventually pour these plans into the American interests.

It is still visible when the terrorist organization ISIS received thousands of parcels of weapons and ammunition during a siege in Kobani, where the Kurdish forces tightened the noose on him in a narrow corner, before the relief came by air from the US Air Force, which announced after clarifying that what had happened was a technical and technical error.Former US President Donald Trump has revealed the secrets of his rival, the American Democratic Party, especially Barack Obama, the former president, and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose emails exposed how the US administration worked to develop, strengthen, manage and support ISIS, to the extent that         Washington adopted and sponsored this terrorist organization as it adopts Israel.    As soon as the new American president emerged from the White House, the cells of the Islamic State organization in the Levant and Iraq returned to work in a more complex way than before, striking dozens of sites affiliated with the Syrian regime and Iran, to suggest that this return comes in the context of stopping the Iranian penetration and the Shiite tide.          And the American orders received by the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are holding hundreds of ISIS elements, were behind the restoration of life to this organization, which will not stop according to the analyzes in the Syrian desert, but will extend to Daraa and the southern Syrian regions within a short time with the aim of re-stirring the situation in Syria and finding arguments American excuses for repositioning and further interfering in the Syrian issue, which has reached a political solution.  Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Nusra are the arms of Turkey    The American situation is not different from the Turkish case, as Ankara and its intelligence services did not fail to create extremist organizations, which spread corruption and terrorism against the Syrian people. Sources confirm that convoys of extremists working in the Al-Nusra organization move daily between Syrian and Turkish lands under the supervision and coordination of the Turkish intelligence, while thousands of members reside in The Muslim Brotherhood is in Istanbul and runs organizations and associations in the Syrian territories, which are mostly in the Turkish interestCreative chaos    Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State of George W. Bush, said that her country will adopt the theory of creative chaos in the countries of the Middle East. This chaos will rearrange the region according to American and Israeli interests, but the application of this theory did not disappear with the departure of Bush and his team. Rather, Barack Obama returned, adopted and applied it during my two terms. His presidency and it seems that he is now inheriting it to President Joe Biden, who is walking on the same path of ruin and destruction.

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