Is This Camila Cabello or Marilyn Monroe!

Is This Camila Cabello or Marilyn Monroe!

She’s gearing up for a wild weekend.

But Camila Cabello took a moment to pay homage to one of her favorite icons as she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for a snap shared to social media on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old singer also admitted that viewers may get a little more than they bargained for as she attends the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday alongside her boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.

Camila looked nearly identical to the entertainment legend as she posed for a black-and-white photo for her 46 million followers.

The Havana songstress rocked a short, platinum blonde wig and wore a strapless gown with just a touch of cleavage showing.

She captioned the sexy shot:  ‘my oh my, what could we POSSIBLY be doing?

Camila and her beau, Shawn Mendes, are up for a coveted Grammy award this weekend for their massively successful song Senorita.

‘If Shawn and I win the Grammy, we will walk on stage in our underwear like Twenty One Pilots did,’ she said during an interview with

‘That’s a promise. Just kidding. It’s not. I gotta work out before I do that.’

And while she may appear to be fearless, she admitted that her comfort levels are at an all-time high because of Shawn being by her side.

‘It feels really special to get to share that kind of experience with someone that is first and foremost my friend that I’ve known for such a long time,’ she added. ‘He was actually the first person, I think, that I wrote a song with, which was when we did our collaboration I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ she said.

‘Flashing back to then when we were just two kids in a dressing room writing a song really quickly.’

Shawn and Camila went public with their relationship last year and have since performed hot and heavy versions of their song on various awards shows.

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