Is Nancy Ajram Pregnant?

Is Nancy Ajram Pregnant?

It’s been rumored that Nancy Ajram is carrying her fourth child.

News about Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram’s pregnancy with her fourth child, caused a sensation across social media after a slip of tongue by Lebanese producer Sadiq Al-Sabah. This came out during the announcement that the singer would not participate as an actress in Sukkar Zyada series, contrary to what has been circulated over the past weeks.

Sadiq said: “Ajram will not guest-act in the series as expected, but she has been preparing a surprise, which is singing the theme song for the series. It has been difficult, in light of the lockdown caused by spread of the new Coronavirus, and because of the possibility that the Lebanese artist maybe pregnant with her fourth child.”

From her side, Nancy Ajram ended the controversy about the pregnancy, stating to the press, that the rumor is false and that she is not pregnant with her fourth child, noting that she is content and happy with the 3 daughters God has blissfully granted her.

Nancy Ajram explained, “I am not pregnant. Thank God I have three daughters and my Lord made them enough.”

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