Is Mohammad Ramadan’s Marriage Reaching an End?

News spread a while ago, stating that the Egyptian singer Mohammad Ramadan, who is currently in the UAE, has separated from his wife Nisreen Abd Alfattah, which was denied by his brother who is also his manager, Mahmoud Ramadan. 


Mahmoud confirmed that the news is just a rumor and the artist himself has no idea about any of it, due to his preoccupation with filming in Dubai.

 ”I don’t know where they get their news from, and what is the purpose of news like that? why don’t they share the divorce documents themselves if they believe the rumors are true” Muhammad’s brother stated.

Ramadan also pointed out that Mohammad is currently in Dubai preparing a surprise for his fans, and until now he has no acknowledgement of the fake news, ” he was filming during the past hours, and he is currently sleeping, it is unbelievable for him to wake up to this nonsense.” Mahmoud continued.

The Manager also revealed that Ramadan and his wife Abd Alfattah are happy together as they call each other every once in a while to check in.

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