Is Malin Andersson Suffer Heath Issues?

Is Malin Andersson Suffer Heath Issues?

Malin Andersson rushed to hospital after struggling to breathe on New Year’s Day (01.01.20).

The former ‘Love Island’ star has revealed how her asthma caused her concern and left her unable to “breathe properly”, and she opened up about the scary experience on social media.

She wrote on Instagram: “A&E when asthma flares up n u can’t breathe properly (sic)”
And the 26-year-old reality star described the situation as “madness” before revealing she was on the mend after the ordeal.

She added: “Thank god I went to hospital otherwise I was gonna to have an asthma attack, what a madness.

“Anyway I can breathe properly again now, still a bit meh (sic)”

Just before Christmas, Malin opened up about posture and body confidence in an attempt to hit back at unrealistic images on social media.

In a steamy lingerie clip, she showed off a number of poses for the camera in an effort to highlight how each position affected how her body looks.

She said at the time: “ITS ALL ABOUT YA POSTURE. Who we all foolin’? (sic)”

And the message came after the brunette beauty shared light-hearted photo of herself trying to put on a tight pair of trousers while opened up about her festive “triggers”.

She wrote: “Christmas is upon us and this time of year is difficult for me even though I know I’m ‘cool’ with food now.

“I decided to weigh myself this morning, I don’t know why, I just had some weird urge. I haven’t weighed myself in AGESSS! And I gained like two pounds.

“I was like cool, okay. Then it made me think about over eating at Christmas and I had to stop myself and give my face a slap lol cos old Malin would have gone into meltdown. (sic)”

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