Is Jodie Comer in Love and Who’s her Boyfriend?

Jodie Comer is “very much” in love.

The ‘Killing Eve’ star has been dating American lacrosse player James Burke for several months and though she wants to “protect” her personal life by not speaking too much about it, she admitted everything is how she’d like it to be.

She said: “I’m still very much there [in love].

“My personal life feels so sacred to me now, and it’s something I want to protect to no end but yeah, I’m still there. Very, very much there. Everything has fallen into place.”

The 27-year-old star enjoyed getting to spend more time with her family in Liverpool amid the coronavirus pandemic, but she’s now reluctantly accepted it’s finally the right time to move out of her parents’ abode.

She told Australia’s Marie Claire magazine: “That time was a real luxury. I may never get it again.

“Because I’m never home, that’s always where I want to reside.

“But as I unpacked my seven suitcases, I realised there’s not enough room for me there anymore.

“So baby chick’s going to fly the nest! I know I sound, like, five, but that’s the truth.

“Part of me still doesn’t want to go but I have come to the conclusion it’s imminent that I leave.”

Meanwhile, Jodie previously revealed that she’s achieved fame and success without having any formal training.

The actress also admitted she performed poorly in her school drama exams.

Speaking in 2019, the acclaimed star shared: “I got an A* in my practical drama and I got a U in my written.

“I think my drama teacher made an example of me. You know people who would go home, do their homework, revise? It wasn’t my vibe.”

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