Is Hazal Kaya’s Child “Fikret” Infected With Coronavirus?

Is Hazal Kaya's Child "Fikret" Infected With Coronavirus?

Turkish media reported that Turkish couple Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay had admitted their son “Fikret” to the hospital yesterday, according to

Rumor had it that their only son suddenly had a fever and felt very tired, prompting his mother Hazal to fear that he might have caught the virus infection.

Kaya denied these rumors, and attacked whoever started them, and described them as “sick” and belonging to those who hate people and do not wish well to their brothers and sisters in humanity.

She confirmed that her child is fine, staying with his parents at home and did not suffer any harm.

Kaya continued: “My child is fine. His father Ali and I are with him and we never leave him; we are both sticking to home stay and do not leave the house.”

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