Is Egypt’s String of Bad Luck Due to The Mummy’s Curse?

The transfer of royal mummies to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization has topped Google’s search engine, but not for wholly positive reasons; many are wondering if Egypt’s recent string of bad luck is due to the mummy’s curse.

Jokes and rumors have spread across social media that the “curse of the pharaohs”, with some even quoting an ancient warning: “Death will come on Quick wings for those who disturb the king’s peace.”

As if the stranding of the “Ever Given” cargo ship in the Suez Canal wasn’t trouble enough, Egypt has recently had two trains collide in Sohag, a falling building in Cairo, a fire in the Zagazig station tunnel, the collapse of the scaffolding of a concrete column from a bridge under construction in Mariotya, a fire inside a house in Samalout in Minya and a fire in the Maadi Tower.

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