Is Can Yaman Sleeping With Taken Francesca Chillemi?! (Pictures)

A shocking report by Chi magazine claiming that Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi have spent 2 nights together, has caused rage on social media rage: “More respect, she has a partner.”

The bombshell was dropped by the weekly Italian gossip magazine ‘Chi’, claiming that Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman would have spent two nights together according to Alfonso Signorini’s weekly anchor.

The two protagonists of the gossip are Can and Francesca who are shooting the fiction Viola Come Il Mare (Purple Like The Sea).

Can Yaman having sex with Francesca Chillemi

According to Alfonso, the complicity between the two, however ‘has gone beyond the confines of the set and seems to have a life of its own. To the point that in Rome they would have spent two nights together in the same house.’

Chi also published images of the two coming out of the same door, albeit at different times.

The explosive report caused a frenzy on social media, not because it only included a famous celebrity name like Can Yaman, but also because Francesca Chillemi is actually in an official relationship with entrepreneur Stefano Rosso, with whom she has a 5-year-old daughter, Rania.

Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi ile seks yaptı

The images date back, as Chi reported, to the last weekend, and the door from which they came out of is for a building in Rome where Francesca lives when she is in the capital.

Chi’s reported: ‘Friday evening, the first meeting at the home of the former Miss Italy. He arrives, and shortly after she goes out to do a quick grocery shopping. The next morning only Yaman is seen, unmistakable even though he tries to hide his identity with the hood of his black coat pulled over his face, sunglasses, and a mask. In his hand, he has a duffel bag with his things. And his friend Roberto is waiting for him in the car, who accompanies him home and brings him the bag. In the meantime, Francesca would have already left at dawn, she took a train to reach her partner Stefano Rosso and her daughter Rania in Milan, with whom she will spend the weekend.’

The magazine added: ‘The same scene would appear again on Sunday evening when Chillemi returned to Rome. Yaman manages to escape the flashes by entering the door of his colleague at full speed. The same thing was on Monday morning, when he comes out early in the day. But what revealed that he has spent the night there again is his bag, which in the late morning is picked up and taken away by an assistant from Chillemi.’

The Reaction of The Web

Chi’s scoop on Instagram has sparked millions of followers’ outrage criticizing the magazine, writing comments like: Francesca Chillemi has a partner and a daughter!!’, ‘stop with the fake gossip’, ‘But before you write, think about what your articles do? Of course, it is not more important to sell’, ‘Not even a little respect for a person who has a family that she loves very much, you feel sorry’, ‘Where’s respect?’, ‘shame’.

Can Yaman fa sesso con Francesca Chillemi

Francesca Chillemi has been dating Stefano Rosso since 2014. As for Can Yaman, he’s officially single after his much-talked-about breakup with Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta.

Lately, it’s been reported that Can Yaman has been dating the model Maria Giovanna Adamo. Nothing was confirmed though.

It is not confirmed yet if there is really any tender between the two actors, according to some commentators, it could all be a publicity stunt to launch the fiction.
Francesca Chillemi cheating on Stefano Ross with can yaman tradisce con 'u ile aldattı


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