Is a Free Psychologist Real?

Is a Free Psychologist Real?

Why is therapy important?

Therapy is necessary because when we visit a therapist, whether it’s an individual one or a couples counselor, we’re taking care of our mental health. We want to make sure we’re in good health so we can take care of ourselves and the people around us. If we have children, we need to retain good mental health because they rely on us. If you live with any mental health issue or condition, or even if you need someone to talk to, therapy is essential. Maybe you have a lot on your mind, or you’re going through a life transition, for example, and you find that therapy helps you. Mental health impacts our physical health and overall well-being, so it can’t be ignored. Therapy can be expensive, but affordable options are out there. A free psychologist is possible to find. But, you need to look for one. So, where can you find one?

Free psychologists in graduate training programs for therapy

As part of their training, psychologists need to work with clients because they need to learn how to deal with people. One thing that you can try is a training clinic. Training clinics offer care for free or on a sliding scale because the psychologists working there are doing so as part of their training. Don’t worry that you won’t get quality care: they’re being supervised by mental health professionals who have worked in the field for an extended period of time. Graduate students are passionate, well-versed in their studies, and excited to provide the care that you need and deserve.

Low-cost clinics

There are low-cost clinics or community centers that provide low cost or free therapy, depending on your income level. You can find a free psychologist at one of these locations. If you have the means to afford therapy, that is wonderful, but many don’t, and that’s why these clinics are vital.

Can you be your own psychologist?

If you haven’t been to graduate school, you can’t be a psychologist, because you don’t have the training. However, you can take your mental health into your own hands. To gain insight, you can read textbooks or workbooks to learn more about how your brain works and what you might be going through. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a great modality where you can learn about your mental health using workbooks and through journals. It’s extremely proactive to use mental health worksheets in your daily life, and will help you learn a lot about yourself. Remember that even therapists have therapists and that sometimes, an unbiased point of view or a fresh set of eyes is crucial.

Online therapy

One form of treatment you might consider is online counseling. Online therapy is an affordable way to work with licensed mental health providers, and it might be the place that you’re able to find a free psychologist. Depending on the website, there may be scholarships available that you qualify for, and that’s how free therapy is made possible. Consider online therapy as an option, and get the help that you need.

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