Iraqi foreign ministry will summon Tehran envoy over strikes

Iraqi foreign ministry will summon Tehran envoy over strikes

Iraq’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday it rejected Iran’s missile attack on Iraqi military bases housing US troops and would summon Tehran’s ambassador in Baghdad to convey its protest.

“The foreign ministry rejects these attacks and considers them a violation of Iraqi sovereignty,” it said in a statement. “It stresses that Iraq is an independent state and that its internal security is its priority. We will not allow it to become a battlefield.”

“The foreign ministry will summon the Islamic Republic of Iran’s ambassador and convey this to him.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Iraq’s President Barham Salih condemned Iran’s missile strikes on Iraqi bases where US and other foreign troops are based, saying he feared “dangerous developments” in the region.

“We denounce the Iranian missile bombing that hit military installations on Iraqi territory and renew our rejection of the repeated violation of state sovereignty and the transformation of Iraq into a battlefield for warring sides,” his office said in a statement.

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