Iraq summons US, UK ambassadors over air raids

Iraq’s foreign minister has summoned the ambassadors of the United States and United Kingdom over a series of deadly air raids against Iraqi military positions overnight.

“The foreign minister held an emergency meeting in which the ministry’s undersecretaries, advisors and official spokesman discussed the measures regarding the recent American aggression. He has ordered the summoning of the United States and British ambassadors to Baghdad,” a spokesman said in a statement.

Citing the military’s statement, Foltyn said the “fatalities suggest that these air strikes were not as precise as the US said that they were, and this is rather embarrassing for the US because the Iraqi army and police are its partners under the coalition to fight ISIL.

“Essentially, rather than deterring Kataib Hezbollah and other Iranian-linked groups from conducting further attacks on US servicemen, the US in fact ended up further rupturing the relationship between its Iraqi partners and its presence here in Iraq.”

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