Iraq Bans Prank TV Show Featuring Fake Daesh Fighters

Iraq banned two prank TV shows on Tuesday for breaching broadcast rules following outrage from viewers when the programs first aired.

One show, “Tanb Raslan,” or “Raslan’s Shooting,” features fake Daesh fighters kidnapping celebrities and threatening them with execution.

Despite prank shows being a staple of Ramadan TV in Iraq, both shows were heavily criticized for being “tone deaf” and cruel since Daesh and extremist violence remain a real threat in the country.

In “Raslan’s Shooting” celebrities are invited to visit displaced Iraqi families who supposedly fled the clutches of Daesh. As they arrive at the intended destination, however, they are ambushed by fake militant fighters who blindfold them and strap fake suicide bombs to their chests.

While prank shows are popular, viewers accused the show of going too far. Celebrities were shown terrified, in tears and one even lost consciousness while the cameras were rolling.

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