Iran’s Talker Movie Wins The Kyoto Fest Award

Iranian movie “Talker” has won the Grand-Prix at the 23rd Kyoto International Student Film Festival in Japan.

Directed by Mehrshad Ranjbar, the film tells the story of an elderly woman who has cared for her infirm husband for many years until one day this routine ends.

The movie was also named the best student film at the 18th Tirana International Film Festival in Albania in September 2020.

Filmmakers Ohku Akiko, Hayato Kawai and Tatsuo Kobayashi were the jury members of the Kyoto festival, which came to an end on March 5.

“We Bloom” by Korean director Kim Yul-hee and Turkish filmmaker David Dinçer’s “The Coral Guardian” won the Semi Grand-Prix.

In “We Bloom”, every day after school, Sang-hyeon goes to Jeoung-woo’s place. Jeoung-woo is always “listening” to movies at home because he is blind. Before moving away, Sang-hyeon starts recording a film.

The Akiko Ohku Award of the festival went to “Boozy Woozy Wonderland” by Japanese director Shiika Okada.

“Pick-up” by Korean director Roh Do-hyeon received the Hayato Kawai Award while the Tatsuo Kobayashi Award was given to “Young, Fragile” by director Joscha Bongard.

The festival screened 15 works carefully selected by the executive committee from a total of 372 entries and special screenings.

Due to the pandemic, the Kyoto International Student Film Festival was organized online for the first time.

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