Iran’s Museum Opens Exhibit With The Letter ‘S’

Iran’s museum of photos opened Monday at the Azadi Art and Cultural Complex with an exhibition of photos on Haft-Seen spreads, an arrangement of seven symbolic items, all of which start with the letter ‘S’ in the Persian alphabet, as a gesture to salute the new year.

The photo exhibit features 62 photos by veteran photographers including Hassan Ghaffari and Alfred Yaqubzadeh.

The museum is home to old cameras and equipment dating back to 170 years ago in addition to old photos from the collection of veteran photographer Mohammad-Ali Jadidoleslam.

The Haft-Seen spread includes sabzeh (green sprouted seeds), samanu (a sweet pudding made from wheat seedlings), senjed (dried oleaster), seer (garlic), seeb (apple), sumac (a spice) and serkeh (vinegar), each of them symbolizes something such as love, health, beauty and wisdom.

Several veteran photographers were honored at the opening ceremony while Narges Raadman, the photographer of health defenders who is also attending the exhibit with one of her Haft-Seen spreads, was honored.

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