Iran’s IRGC seizes foreign tanker for smuggling diesel

Commandos with the naval force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have seized a foreign tanker in the Persian Gulf for smuggling diesel.

Colonel Ahmad Hajian, the commander of the Naval Type 412 Zulfiqar in the southern Parsian county in the Hormozgan province, was quoted by the state broadcaster’s website on Saturday as saying that the ship was found to be illegally carrying 150,000 litres (32,995 gallons) of diesel.

“Through intelligence monitoring and in a coordinated operation, our navy succeeded in seizing a foreign ship with 11 crew members in our country’s waters,” he said.

The commander added the crew members have been handed over to the local judiciary for processing but did not name the ship, its nationality, or the nationalities of its crew. It is also unclear when the incident took place.

Hajian promised to “act decisively” against any attempts to smuggle fuel through the sea in support of Iran’s economy.

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