Iran’s Baghali-Ghatogh is Shortlisted as One of The World’s Top Egg Dishes

Iran's Baghali-Ghatogh is Shortlisted as One of The World's Top Egg Dishes

Baghali-ghatogh, a thick stew of eggs, beans, and dill, which is of high popularity in northern Iran, has recently been shortlisted as one of the top egg dishes in the world.

Some believe that it’s one the few vegetarian dishes of Persian cuisine which taste is a bit particular because of the generous usage of dill.

“The egg is the star of many other meals, too, and it is beloved for its workhorse qualities in recipes the world over,” CNN wrote in a recent article on top egg dishes including the Iranian stew.

Preparing the dish, eggs should be cooked with dill-scented lima bean — or vegetarian butter bean stew. To get even more specifically delicious, recipes often call for the Iranian mix of herbs, spinach, and scallions called sabzi. Chef and owner of NYC’s Sofreh restaurant Nasim Alikhani serves her braised butter beans in citrusy dill broth topped with poached eggs rather than whisking them into the stew.

The list also includes the kuku, (or kookoo), a dish made from whipped eggs combined with different, usually vegetarian, ingredients.

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