Iranian parkour athlete held in Turkey risks extradition to Iran

Iranian parkour athlete held in Turkey risks extradition to Iran

An Iranian parkour athlete who fled to Turkey after being released on bail risks extradition to Iran where his life would be in danger, according to human rights activists.

Alireza Japalaghy was arrested in Iran in May after he posted photos and videos of himself kissing a woman on the rooftop of a building in Tehran.

The woman photographed with Japalaghy was also arrested.

Tehran police said they arrested the pair for their “unconventional moves,” which were contrary to Islamic customs and laws.

Japalaghy was arrested on June 30 by Turkish border police after he fled to Turkey following his release on bail.

In a video sent to the BBC, Japalaghy said he and his brother were arrested after entering Turkey.

Japalaghy is currently being held at a camp in the city of Van, according to Amnesty International.

The rights group is working with asylum rights activists in Turkey to prevent the extradition of the athlete on the grounds that his life will be in danger in the Islamic Republic, according to the BBC.

An increasing number of Iranians who have fled to Turkey to escape persecution in their home country have been extradited back to Iran by Turkish authorities in recent times.

Two out of three Iranian protesters whose death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court of Iran last month were arrested in Turkey in December and extradited to Iran alongside 30 other Iranians.

The protesters were sentenced to death for participating in Iran’s anti-government protests last November.

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