Iranian Painter Honored By Her Fans Who ‘Caricatured’ Her Works Online

Iranian Painter Honored By Her Fans Who 'Caricatured' Her Works Online

Dozens of Afarin Sajedi’s fans in across the world have made themselves up to resemble the characters in a collection by the Iranian painter to show their interest in her artworks and challenge the coronavirus isolation.

She has posted the twin pictures of her paintings and fans on her Instagram page, mentioning that she has received them mostly from people from Russia.

During these days of home quarantine, people are wisely spending their time indoors transforming themselves into famous paintings, and despite the surreal atmosphere and the unusual elements of Sajedi’s works, the art lovers have made the movement using their creativity.

“My great tendency in art is the contemporary people and their concerns about the past,” she had once told the Persian service of Honaronline.”

“I have recreated the history with the help of modern techniques, focusing on topics such as the art of the Renaissance and combining them with the nightmares of contemporary man,” she said.

“I later tried damaged portraits. I did not mean to show the physical damages but the mental damages, and gradually I added the modern elements and depicted a person who might seem sad but is not weak and signs of power is observed in his/her portrait,” she explained.

She noted that she has used different types of elements in her works, however, what are seen more often in her works are fish motifs.

“Making use of any item besides a portrait reflects the feelings and thoughts of a person that a visitor cannot see. They show the inner feelings of the person who has been seen sinking into silence,” she remarked.

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