Iranian Game Designer Works on a New COVID-19 Game

Iranian Game Designer Works on a New COVID-19 Game

Iranian game designer Keivan Malekmohammadi is working on a new android game with COVID-19 as its main topic.

“The gamers appear in the shape of a green and happy virus trying to infect individuals,” Malekmohammadi said in a press release published on Monday.

“The new virus knows it can infect people through the chain of transmission of the coronavirus, and the chain can be cut only via those who wear masks and observe social distancing,” he added.

“Some people still have no perfect imagination about the chain of transmission of the new virus and they believe if they visit close relatives and friends they will not be infected,” he stated.

“People are not aware of their own roles in cutting the chain, and I got the idea for the game by observing these important facts. It is very important to give a clear image of transmission and cutting the chain of the new virus through a game,” he added.

“The idea was that gamers play the role of the virus themselves. When one sees him/her in the role of a virus that tries to infect others, he/she can better understand the chain of transmission, and when he/she observes social distancing, he/she can feel and touch the effects in cutting the chain, and fully understands how one can stop the spread of the new virus,” he explained.

He added that at the end of each round, a health care tip appears on the screen.

He also said that he is producing the game in his personal studio and plans to release the game within the next week.

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