Iran must return to Vienna, nuclear talks ‘can’t be dragged out’: US State Department

Iran must return to Vienna to resume negotiations on the nuclear deal because “it can’t be dragged out,” the US State Department said Thursday.

After several rounds of indirect talks, mediated by European countries, Russia and China, Tehran pulled out of the discussions due to ongoing presidential elections.

They have chosen not to return to the talks since a new government was formed; however, senior Iranian officials have said that they were ready to return to Vienna “soon.”

“It is important for the parties to come back together … and resume where we left off. We continue to believe the diplomatic path is open,” Ned Price said during a briefing from the State Department. “We also think an imminent return to Vienna is necessary because this is not a process that can go on indefinitely. It can’t be dragged out,” he added.

Asked what the holdup was, Price said the Iranians. “We have made very clear that we are willing to return to Vienna as soon as we have a partner to negotiate with, indirectly,” he said, referring to Iran’s refusal to hold face-to-face talks.

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