Iran executes man for drinking alcohol: Rights group

Iran executes man for drinking alcohol: Rights group

A man in northeast Iran was executed on Wednesday for consuming alcohol, a rights group reported on Thursday.

The man, reportedly 55, married, and father of two, was executed in the city of Mashhad after getting caught drinking alcohol for the sixth time, Oslo-based rights group Iran Human Rights (IHR) said citing the executed man’s lawyer.

“With this execution, the Islamic Republic’s judicial system has once again proven that its views are no different from those of ISIS,” IHR director Mahmoud Amiri-Moghaddam said.

Iranian judicial authorities or state media have not yet commented on the matter.

There is no official data on the number of executions due to alcohol consumption in Iran.

“Due to the lack of transparency in the Islamic Republic’s judiciary, most executions in Iran are not declared officially by the authorities,” according to IHR.

Alcoholic drinks have been banned in Iran since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979.

Despite the ban, many Iranians consume alcohol in private.

Individuals convicted of drinking or being in possession of alcoholic drinks in Iran are often sentenced to flogging. Those convicted more than twice, risk the death penalty.

In February, a tourist was lashed 80 times in eastern Iran for drinking alcohol, according to state media.

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