Iran controls Syrian economy, taking advantage of Caesar and the absence of Arab and international support

Iran has exploited the absence of Arab and Western support and the lack of aid to the Syrian people due to the US sanctions on the Syrian president’s regime and the effect that was directly reflected on the Syrians, who now need all the necessities of life, beginning with bread and ending with fuel and in between, to control the Syrian economy and limit what the citizen receives through its channels Just.


This prompted the Syrians to rely heavily on what Iran offers to them, and this resulted in rapprochement and loyalty to the mullahs’ regime with the aim of sustenance and taking aid, which evolved to join and integrate into Iran’s militias in search of a living.


With strenuous efforts with the administration of US President Joe Biden and Western leaders, Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein succeeded in making a big step towards helping the Syrians through the gas and electricity transfer project and opening the borders between the two countries. However, Arab and Western support is still slow and far from the desired level, in response. For this step, which aims to save the Syrians living, socially, security and politically as well.


It is clear that the United Arab Emirates, which made a big turn towards Damascus through the visit of Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed, the visit of Abdullah bin Zayed to Damascus and his meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is in the context of the return of Arab support, but what is required is broader and greater steps than visits and scarce and rationed aid. Exploiting what King Abdullah II has accomplished, towards rebuilding the Syrian economy and restoring normal life to this country by studying Russian plans that aim to dispense with the Iranian role, and call for opening the doors of reconstruction and infrastructure destroyed by the internecine war that Syria witnessed.


Iran took advantage of the stage of US and Western sanctions and the Arab boycott of the Assad regime, so it proceeded to control the joints of the Syrian economy, so it took control of the two major ports of Baniyas and Latakia under the pretext of managing them and receiving aid and providing it to the Syrians through those important crossings, just as it did in Lebanon, where it took control through Hezbollah On those crossings, which later resulted in the Beirut Port explosion disaster.


Otherwise, Syria will be an Iranian settlement in the middle of the Middle East, eating away at the surrounding countries and threatening them through the gateway to controlling their economy and security, and controlling them after the extremist militias gain control over all aspects of life in the country.

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