Iran-backed Houthis fire missile into Marib, killing 17 including 5-year-old girl

Iran-backed Houthis fired a ballistic missile Saturday on a government-held city, killing at least 17 people, including a 5-year-old girl, an official said.

The missile hit a gas station in the Rawdha neighborhood in Marib, according to Ali al-Ghulisi, the Marib governor’s press secretary.

He said dozens of people were wounded in the attack.

There was no immediate comment from the Houthis.

Meanwhile, Omani officials, accompanied by senior Houthi figures, arrived Saturday in Sanaa to try to convince the Houthi militia who control the capital to accept a ceasefire, Houthi sources said.

The Houthi militia continues to block progress towards reaching a ceasefire in Yemen, the US State Department said Friday after its top diplomat for the war-torn country returned to Washington.

“The Houthis continue a devastating offensive on Marib that is condemned by the international community and leaves the Houthis increasingly isolated,” the State Department said in a statement following Special Envoy Tim Lenderking’s sixth publicized trip to the region.

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