Iowa caucus: ‘Which Democrat can beat Trump’ tops voters’ minds

Iowans from across the US state will gather at churches, mosques, community centres, homes and elsewhere on Monday evening to caucus for Democratic presidential candidates.

Monday’s caucuses will kick the 2020 presidential election into high gear, with the rest of the US states and territories to follow with their own primaries or caucuses over the next five months.

“Every time I think I’ve made a decision, something pushes me the other direction,” said Kevin Caballin at a recent campaign rally for Senator Amy Klobuchar in Ames, Iowa.

Caballin said he has seen more than two dozen of the original Democratic candidates and two Republican candidates in about 120 campaign events this election cycle.

The election comes at a time of deep divisions within the United States, amid an impeachment trial and divisive rhetoric coming from the White House and Capitol Hill.

While Caballin said he likes Klobuchar, he is worried about her lack of name recognition.

He’s not the only undecided caucus-goer in the room. Many people at the event late last month said they will make a decision the night before or day of the caucus.

A CBS News poll, released on Sunday, suggested that Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden were neck-and-neck at 25 percent each.

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