India reports nearly 10,000 coronavirus cases in one day

  • India recorded 9,985 cases in one day and 274 deaths, as the country emerged from a two-month lockdown.
  • Concerns are growing about a second wave of coronavirus in the US, with 22 states reporting weekly increases in coronavirus cases.
  • China has dismissed as “ridiculous” a Harvard Medical School study that suggested the coronavirus could have been circulating in Wuhan as early as August. Scientists have also said it offers no convincing evidence of when the outbreak began.
  • Nearly 7.2 million people have now been confirmed to have the coronavirus and nearly 409,000 have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The US, the UK and Brazil have recorded the highest death tolls. The US, Brazil and Russia have the most cases.

    Wednesday, June 10

    10:35 GMT – Decades of debt: UK’s finance chief told to make gradual pay-offs

    United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is being asked by members of the ruling Conservative party to take his time to pay off the record debt the country is racking up as it tries to weather the coronavirus pandemic. By that, they mean decades.

    With the economy on course for its deepest recession for at least a century, the government is now paying the wages of more than 10 million workers to stave off mass unemployment.

    10:15 GMT – Avoiding Australia: Economic pain if Chinese students stay away

    Australia’s economy, facing its first recession in 30 years because of the coronavirus, would suffer if Chinese students heeded a warning from their government to stay away because of racist incidents, Australia’s trade minister said.

    International education is Australia’s fourth-largest foreign exchange earner, worth 38 billion Australian dollars ($26bn) annually, and more critical to the economy than beef or barley, products hit with Chinese import bans and tariffs last month.

    09:55 GMT – Pope expresses concern about children in poverty amid virus

    Pope Francis appealed for help to protect children who are being forced to work to help their families living in extreme poverty during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Speaking from the Papal library at the Vatican during his weekly audience, the Pope said that in some circumstances this amounted to child slavery or imprisonment.

    Pausing from his prepared text, the Pope added, “we are all responsible for this.”

    There have been 12 cases of COVID-19 among the employees and residents of the small Vatican city state.

    09:40 GMT – Denmark sees no rise in COVID-19 cases after further easing of lockdown

    Denmark, the first country outside Asia to ease its coronavirus lockdown, said the spread of COVID-19 has not accelerated since it entered its second phase of reopening society last month.

    The Nordic country allowed restaurants, cafes and malls to resume business during May in the second phase of easing lockdown restrictions. In April it had allowed day care centres, schools, hair dressers and some small businesses to reopen.

    “The level of contagion in society is still very low,” the Danish health authority said in a report on Wednesday, adding that the number of confirmed new infections had continued to fall despite more tests being carried out.

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