India: 20 People Drug, Rape a Teenage Girl

A teenage girl aged 15 has been raped by at least 20 people over a period of eight days. 

Twenty people have been arrested in connection with the incident which happened in the city of Jhalawar in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Two police officers also have been suspended for a ‘negligence of duty’ after failing to act ten days after the incident, The Times of India reported.

The girl was allegedly taken by a friend and another young person into the city to buy a schoolbag for her.

She says she was drugged and raped by men at a park and also at different places around the city over the following eight days in late February.

Four of the 20 people arrested in connection with the incident are understood to be minors.

Local police Superintendent Sharad Choudhary said of the two officers suspended: ‘These police officials failed to act even after 10 days of the crime and protect the minor girl’.

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