US Armed Robbery on Syrian Oil

   The US administration’s objectives of staying in this country have become clear with the endorsement of US President Donald Trump, and later the senior staff of his government with the intention of “protecting” Syrian oil.

Over the years of setting up US bases, funding factions, launching attacks on the Syrian army, sabotaging, destroying and killing innocent people under the pretext of fighting ISIS, and then talking about blocking Iran, then the American objectives are clear and clear.

According to private sources, after finding the customer – mostly illegal, legal or official – oil materials are transferred, while the payment is made through British banks and to the accounts of the names of prominent Kurdish figures who in turn transfer money to the Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF”, which pays The salaries of its members, buys weapons and gear, and maintains projects to please the public.

Surprisingly, Syrian oil, which is illegally looted by a US-occupied country, does not stop its revenue transfers from an illegal force.

What the United States is doing in Syria is not only illegal, or an occupation, but a center of sabotage, a real destruction base that does not threaten the Syrians and their wealth that they looted and handed over to an armed faction, but also Turkey, which suffers from both the Gulen opposition movement, which has exhausted the Turkish treasury and threatened Erdogan’s throne.

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