General election 2019: Parties splurge on Facebook ads

On Sunday, the Conservatives unleashed a tidal wave of adverts. Their two themes were getting Brexit done, and improving the NHS.

At one point, the Facebook Ad Library showed that about 2,500 adverts paid for by the Conservative Party were live.

The Liberal Democrats appear to be on an even bigger splurge. The last time I looked they had about 3,000 adverts running, many of them with an image of Boris Johnson.

The message was that only a vote for them could “stop Boris”.

By contrast, while Labour has spent heavily over the last seven days, the library currently shows only 250 Facebook ads running at the moment, many with a message promising cheaper rail travel.

Many of these thousands of ads look identical when listed in the library – the claim that 40 new hospitals are to be built appears on hundreds of the Conservative adverts, and a Liberal Democrat message proclaiming “You Can Stop Boris Johnson” is repeated again and again.

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