Khamenei voices support for gas hike, blames ‘counter-revolution’ for ‘sabotage’

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei says that a gasoline price increase should be implemented, blaming the “counter-revolution and enemies” for “sabotage,” Iranian state TV reported on Sunday.

Khamenei also called those setting fire to public property ‘bandits.’

“I have no background in this topic … but I had said that if the heads of the three branches of government make a decision that I would support it,” said Khamenei, adding: “The heads of the government have made a decision which of course should be implemented.”

“Some people will certainly be unhappy with this decision. However, damaging and setting fire [to public property] is not the work of the people, but bandits,” he said.

“The counter-revolution and the enemies of Iran have always supported such sabotage and insecurity, and now they are busy doing just that,” said Khamenei.

The “vigilant” people of Iran should “keep away from those who cause damage [to public property],” he said.

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