Abeer Shams Al-Deen Calls Ahlam a COW!

Abeer Shams Al-Deen Calls Ahlam a COW!

Syrian actress Abeer Shams Al-Deen attacked Emarati songstress Ahlam after the first episode of The Voice.

“It seems as if Ahlam has a problem with handsome Syrian contestants,” she wrote in a comment expressing her dismay at Ahlam’s dealing with Syrian participants in the program, accusing her of adopting an attitude with them, throwing inappropriate words to Ahlam saying : “What a …”, using a cow emoji.


Abeer’s comments raised eyebrows because of the apparent abuse to Ahlam.

Shams Al-Deen was criticized by her followers, where a large number of them defended Ahlam, especially that she was very excited about the first Syrian participant Rabie Fattal, she pushed the button and turned her chair to him, but he chose to join Samira Said’s team.

The same thing happened with another Syrian contestant, Ahlam pushed the button for participant Rabie Salloum Who joined Ragheb Alama’s team.

From her side, Ahlam remained silent about Shams Al-Deen’s comments, as she has not responded to her up until this moment.

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