UAE Court Trials 3 Men for Fighting Over a Woman in Night Club

UAE Court Trials 3 Men for Fighting Over a Woman in Night Club

Three young Arab men stood trial in the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court for allegedly fighting with each other and assaulting a security man over a woman in a night club.

As per the prosecution sheet, the first suspect, under the influence of alcohol, abused the second and third defendants.

He allegedly assaulted the security man at the night club and sprayed nerve gas on his face.

The prosecution charged the other two suspects with beating up the first.

During the hearing, the first defendant admitted to consuming liquor, but denied assaulting the other defendants and the security man.

He added that it was the security man who thrashed him after someone sprayed gas on his face.

The second suspect also denied assaulting the first and third suspects, adding that he had “never seen or met the other accused before”.

“I have not assaulted them, and they didn’t beat me too.”

He added that he went to the nightclub with his nephews.

“I got off my car to watch the ongoing skirmish, and was wrongly charged for fighting and assaulting others,” he pointed out.

Despite being notified by the RAK Police about the hearing session, the third suspect failed to appear in the court.

The court ordered adjournment of the case to September 19.

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