Surprise Wedding Invite: Bring Your Own ‘Chair and Sandwich’ if You are Late

Surprise Wedding Invite: Bring Your Own 'Chair and Sandwich' if You are Late

A couple have been praised over their brutally honest wedding invitations which ask guests to bring their own ‘chair and a sandwich’ if they don’t RSVP on time.

The unidentified bride and groom’s invitation was shared to Reddit last week, where it was praised by fellow users for its extra requirement.

It racked up more than 1,000 comments on the discussion website, with users quick to offer enthusiasm for the move.

‘Please respond by September 10 2019,’ the invitation read, alongside the standard ‘declines with regret’ and ‘accepts with pleasure’.

However underneath the couple added a warning: ‘If you do not RSVP by September 10th please bring a chair and a sandwich.’

One user tickled by the idea responded: ‘More comfortable chair, and your choice of sandwich? Sounds like a no brainer to me.’

Another added: ‘Good for them. That’s why you RSVP.’

A third posted: ‘And you wouldn’t have to give them a gift because you are saving them money. It’s a win win really.’

While one individual asked: ‘Does that mean I don’t have to RSVP, and then I can bring a chair and a sandwich and not buy the bride and groom a gift cuz I’m broke (and cuz I’m not eating their expensive food)?’

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