Argentina Farmers Shocked by Mutant Calf Born With a ‘Human’ Face

Argentina Farmers Shocked by Mutant Calf Born With a 'Human' Face

An eerie mutant calf has been found attempting to graze on pastures at a farm in Argentina with a half human face.

A local farm-hand rushed to see the strange sight as the calf lays in the hay, appearing reluctant to move.

As the video continues the farmhand turns to his horse as the poor calf can be heard to moo weakly at the audience of two.

The calf, which was born with a small nose and mouth and resembled a human face, was born in the village of Villa Ana in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe.

However, the mutant calf only lived for a couple of hours, according to reports.

A video of the calf that was filmed by the unnamed farmer was shared on YouTube where it has been viewed 274,000 times.

The footage shows the calf lying on the grass with its unusual face which locals described as ‘human’.

According to a local specialist, the calf was born with a malformed skull which gave it its eerie appearance.

It is unclear if animal was taken to a specialist to establish more about its malformed condition.

Genetics expert Nicolas Magnago told local media that ‘it could be a rare genetic mutation’.

He added that the ‘mutation is a change in the DNA sequencing that was transferred to the cow’s offspring. It was a spontaneous mutation caused by the action of mutagens, physical, chemical or biological agents, which altered its genetic sequencing.’

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