Meet Murat Yildirim’s Mother-In-Law.. Does She Look Like His Moroccon Wife Eman?

Meet Murat Yildirim's Mother-In-Law.. Does She Look Like His Moroccon Wife Eman?

Moroccan actress Iman ElBani, the wife of Turkish actor Murat Yildirim, posted on Instagram a photo of her husband along with her mother in her first appearance.

Eman’s mother drew attention with her modern look. This was what many of the followers’ comments focused on.

Others commented on the resemblance between her and her daughter, while some pointed out that she does not look old, while others considered that this cannot be accurately decided because she was covering her eyes with sunglasses.

The picture received more than 51k likes, as Eman captioned it in Arabic: “Mom.. you are the most beautiful possession of my soul.. you will always remain the most beautiful in this universe.. You are the kindest the most tender and wonderful. May God protect you my mother.”

Earlier Yildirim revealed in a press interview that his wife lost her fetus. “Unfortunately, we lost the fetus, but the most important thing to me is for my wife not to get sad,” he responded to questions from journalists as he and his wife were discharged from the American hospital in Istanbul.

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