Is Nadine Njeim’s Marriage OK?!

Is Nadine Njeim's Marriage OK?!

The absence of businessman Hadi al-Asmar, husband of Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim, from the wedding of her close friend Natalie Nasrallah has raised several questions from fans.

Many said that Nadine’s relationship with her husband is not doing well, as he was not expected to miss a ceremony in which his wife was a bridesmaid.

Many recalled the love story of Nadine and her husband, which began in 2012, when she appeared publicly with him on one occasion and confirmed at the time that he was her fiancé and that they were preparing for their wedding a month later.

Nadine’s personal life is far from the public, but she is always keen to give all the love and respect to her husband in all interviews, and she always says that he is a real man by all means.

The husband’s absence has been repeated on other occasions. Hadi Asmar might not have attended his wife’s friend’s wedding due to an emergency or a sudden trip, but speculation remains that there might be some issues between the Lebanese star and her husband, especially after fans followed her news.

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