US Photographer Barry Iverson’s Tour Exhibit Spotlights Cairo

US Photographer Barry Iverson’s Tour Exhibit Spotlights Cairo

Here are some highlights from Barry Iverson’s “The Tour,” which runs at Tintera in Cairo until September 30.

‘Antikhana Street Lift, Cairo’

Iverson’s solo exhibition juxtaposes found images with his own photography of historical spaces in Egypt and the Levant as they are now. “The Tour,” the catalogue suggests, “offers a vibrant commentary on past dreams and lives we have inherited in the present” and “obliges viewers to reconsider these seemingly old spaces.”

‘Bab Al Jabiya, Damascus’

This hand-colored image is typical of the American photographer’s inquiry into “the persistent image of, and desire for, the ‘Orient’ in our collective imagination.” It is one of a selection of hand-colored photographs on display, alongside more than 35 black-and-white images.

‘Ataba Square, Cairo’

This archival pigment print combines Iverson’s 1997 photograph with a found image from the 1920s and is a good example of the kind of images that have helped boost the timeless allure of Egypt as a symbol of the ‘Orient,’ even though, as the catalogue points out, often “they didn’t deserve to.”

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